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Project Description

This project seeks to provide a high quality mock version of the Azure Table and Blog storage APIs. Our API targets version 2.0 of the Azure SDK for .Net. We don't mock SQL Azure, as there are other patterns and projects for mocking with SQL Server.

The reasoning behind this project it to improve the testability of Azure projects. Fast, in-memory mocks make running unit tests faster. Also, it is easier to provide mocks that fake intermittent errors, slow calls and more. Finally, it makes a test environment that does not have the Azure emulators installed possible.

This project provides interfaces for the table and blog storage API, in memory test doubles as well as an adapter class that delegates to the production SDK classes. These interfaces allow code to be more independent from the Azure service as well, by creating implementation that target another cloud service (e.g. Amazon S3) or private infrastructure.

Contributions are highly welcomed, especially test cases.

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